Peters Communications Strategic Branding/Communications

Total Image Concept

A custom two-year strategic marketing promotion, communications plan designed to apply the power of a custom brand to all aspects, activities and communications of an organization for the purpose of increasing sales, revenues and relationships. A Total Image Concept includes brand development, custom music, custom logo, adv. graphics, storyboards and market/product/organization research. Two-Year Contract. Details

Strategic Branding/Communications Process

A complete branding consulting service designed to provide professional consultation in strategic planning, brand development, internal/external communications, marketing and promotion development. It includes a series of internal management workshops facilitating the development of effective internal and external communications along with brand development and marketing directions. One-Year Contract. Monthly Fee. Details

Strategic Transformation Process

Designed to help organizations reposition themselves for the future.  It's structured to help organizations expand business through innovative activities that crystallize, develop, create, analyze, explore, prioritize, define, clarify and execute a transformation of the organization in order to enter a more successful path for the future.  One Year Contract.  Monthly Fee. Details

Selling Without Rules Sales Seminar

Sales Seminars are designed to re-energize, revitalize, renew and refocus the sales staff with a more introspective approach to selling.  It is structured to transform those powers each has inside so they can capitalize on their abilities to sell more, increase income and develop stronger relationships. It is an illuminating process that culminates in innovative ways to communicate trust and comfort. Single Fee.  

Strategic ManagementSeminars

Includes facilitating a two-day seminar conducted at company site with the management team reviewing, renewing, re-conceptualizing, redefining, rethinking, refocusing and revitalizing the company for the coming year. Single Fee. Details

Custom Promotion Campaigns

This is a one-year custom promotion campaign with custom music, copy, storyboards, print graphics and a detailed promotion plan. Full production is optional. One-Year Contract.

Syndicated Newspaper Campaign

"Bringing Life Together" is more than a successful "concept" in newspaper marketing and self-promotion. It's about content, multiple news platforms, community unity, exclusivity, innovation, involvement and trust.  This is a most complete self-promotion campaign. It presents your story, your pictures and your people, in a unique way to increase readership as well as circulation. It will position your organization as a true communications center for the entire community. More importantly, it will consolidate the image of your newspaper, your website and all other products under one brand. Details

Focus Group Services
Successful organizations need to fully understand the needs and wants of the people they serve as well as their entire marketplace. Listening is now a necessity. Understanding what is heard is an art. Knowing what to ask and having the ability to open the minds and voice of the people is the key to successful facilitation. Having a background in management, marketing, media and promotion is as asset. We specialize in Community Leader, Customer, Audience, Reader and Employee Focus Groups.

Custom Music

We are known for high quality, creative custom music packages for Radio, Television Stations, commercials and special projects.  Prices will vary depending upon talent, instrumentation and size. Music Details

Total Success Planning Process

Designed for those businesses with the dream and the inspiration to achieve long-term success. It provides ownership a unique method to ensure all the important elements needed for success are documented and positioned into an organized framework for easy implementation. The ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate success.

The Total Success Planning Process does it all. It has but one philosophy. Plan for success, prepare for success, position for success, brand like you’ve always been there, promote like people suddenly need it and talk like you’ve already arrived.
​That is our dedication, our commitment and our promise.  


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