The Strategy Team

Who They Are

The Strategy Team of PetersCommunications has created hundreds of distinctive brands and marketing strategies inspired by the type of creativity that produced high levels of success.

These brands became the unforgettable faces of penetrating promotion campaigns, strategic marketing and memorable public relation activities. They reversed negative trends and placed clients on a high level of success in over one hundred markets.

Our Strategy Team is known for experienced and gifted specialists in research, brand development, strategic planning, copywriting, graphic design, music production and broadcast/commercial production.

Our research has continually projected industry trends, dictating new strategies and the development of exceptional services for media and business organizations throughout the country.

Edward J. Peters

​He has been involved in developing marketing strategies for some of the leading broadcast companies in the country. He has extensive experience in Sales, Sales Management, Sales Training, Station Management, Teaching (Military & University), Programming, Marketing, Promotion, Research, Public Speaking and Strategic Branding.  

He works with management to create, define, articulate and project a positive, transformative identity to their clientele.

Battle-tested experience and a deep understanding of brand creation, marketing and promotion techniques has enabled him to help hundreds of organizations experience a new level of success.