How many statues of “Mary” are out there

in so many different gardens for so many years

affecting so many different people praying so many different words

in so many different languages, having so many different emotions

for so many different needs, seeking answers to so many different problems

affecting so many different families in so many different ways?

That is the question!

Statues of The Blessed Virgin Mary

 kept in so many gardens or homes

 have provided a continuing level of

peace, comfort and inspiration.

 Many who have statues of Mary

find themselves silently communicating

with Mary out of habit, out of prayer or out of answers. 

 How do you capture the essence of it all?

That is the challenge!

It's a challenge that never changes!

How do you reflect what is thought,

what is spoken, what is desired, what is inspired

and most importantly, what has been left unspoken?

Hopefully, you will do it with clarity, with simplicity,

with an unforgettable melody, an uplifting message,

a motivating beat and sometimes, with a silent moment

that magically releases hidden emotions from deep inside.

This is the result!

Those special conversations with Mary have now become

the basis for the lyrics and music to our new song,

“Ode to Mary’s Statue in The Garden”.

Delivering the essence of feelings from

intimate conversations with “Mary”

 was always our primary goal.

 Even directions given to the vocalist

were to imagine only two people being

 present in the room, the vocalist and “Mary”.

It's no wonder, beautiful, simple lyrics were born

from those special conversations people have had

 with their very own statue of “Mary” in their garden or home.

Hopefully, they will now be able to say them or even sing them,

 to an unforgettable melody.

Hear it every tomorrow