What is a Rosary?

It can be an occasion.

It can be a conversation.

It can be a beautiful prayer.

It can be a moment to connect.

It can be a renewed understanding.

​It can be an unforgettable experience

More Importantly, It Can Also Be....
More than a prayer,
More than a spoken word,
More than a spiritual reflection.
It can be the start, the platform, the beginning,
of an intriguing way to have
a personal conversation
with Mother Mary.


With Mother Mary
Inspiring moments listening to the spoken Rosary,
interwoven with music playing in the background

motivating personal conversations with Mary
 all directed to Her image at the same time.

Listen to "Today's Living Rosary".

It can become that moment when you’re compelled to
 open your heart, your mind, and your soul,
 to Mother Mary who deeply cares,
about the person you are.

It can be that special time when
you’re confiding in Mother Mary
what you see, what you hear
and what you feel in your heart.

It can be that occasion when
 you let Mother Mary know
what you care about in life,
every day of your life, with Her,
 your family, and with those you love.

When you pray “Today’s Living Rosary”,
it will touch something very special deep inside.
Conversations with Mother Mary can become
an unforgettable experience.

Experience how feelings of

emotion, originate from an intimate conversation

with Mother Mary. “Today’s Living Rosary”, spoken

in a very conversational style, is heard over beautiful

hymns in the background, creating uplifting, ceremonial,

special moments. Praying directly to a compelling

photo of Mother Mary can create a relationship

that will last a lifetime.

Always know,
this can be a special way
to connect with Mother Mary.

It’s called,

with Mother Mary.

It can be yours!
It’s here for you to pray, to listen, 

to embrace and then enjoy

every day of your life!

Hear it now

Yours to pray, to listen and to connect.

 Enjoy having Mother Mary by your side!


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